Friday, November 19, 2010

In my best Southern drawl

You are never gonna believe what ah done this morning...

Ah was stepping off the boat, using the darn ladder fer once... and ah slipped. How I did not fall into the water between the boat and tha dock ah surely do not know... but I stopped with mah left knee hooked around the lifeline and mah right hand on the dock in a half handstand... t'all would've been fine 'cept I was holdin' the back forestay when I fell, *mutters* scraped darn near an entire two layers of skin right off the inside of my middle finger.

S'okay though, don't you worry I have the situation under control, patched 'er all up with some of that there polysporin and water resistant tape. I know fingers aren't like fine wine, but I'm letting it breath... that's what the white gunk is.