Friday, November 19, 2010

When I grow up

I want a friend to be there for you when you find out that your parents aren't the people you thought they were. When you discover that who you are, is not directly dependent on who they are. When you learn that you get to choose who you're going to be, regardless of your childhood and how you were raised.

I want you to have a friend who can help you see, just how beautiful you are. Who knows enough of your past that they can see how far you've come. A friend you trust enough to tell you the truth, even when you don't want to hear it... whether it be about your thoughts, or how your jeans fit.

I want a friend for you, who is willing to drop their life when yours is in shambles. Someone who knows where your line is, and can stand on the edge of it just to drive you crazy. Someone who will follow you where no one else can, and light your way or if need be carry you out.

I want more than anything in the world to be that friend for you. But if I'm not, I hope that they find you when you need them to.

I want to be the phrase that resonates deep within your soul. A spoken echo of a lifetime ago...