Monday, November 01, 2010

Sun, sand and boatwork

This is the Captain doing some maintenance on a light that he noticed was flickering.

Starting out I had no idea what exactly theplan was, but it went relatively well, actually without incident of any kind. Dad was secured and clipped into a harness while climbing the mast ladder, and I had the backup rope wrapped a couple turns around the winch. I didn't even take any pictures until he'd been cleated off securely.

Unfortunately for Dad, it took me a little while to find the anti-corrosion stuff, and tape it to a jack line he could haul up... so his leg fell asleep. You couldn't tell his leg was asleep climbing down, but it probably explains why he got a little tangled up at the bottom.

The rest of the day I spent walking down the beach, sketching a little and then taking more pictures along the route I ran the other day. Monterey is beautiful, and the sand is so fine that it makes that really high pitched "sleek" noise when you drag your feet through it.

This is looking back in the general direction of the marina. There's a cool walkway that has been built where the train tracks used to run along the waterfront. The water is incredibly clean and clear too, unfortunately I didn't get any decent shots of that.

Little beach on the trail side that a lot of people use for launching their kayaks and going diving.

Some neat rocks, I stood here for awhile and just listened to the surf rolling in and through. It was very relaxing.