Monday, November 22, 2010

Thank you!

Bob Vincent (N6E2V) and his buddy John (WKQI) came down and checked out our radio set up, they were super awesome and helped us go through the whole system, get the GPS working, checked our Winlink setup as well as making sure the radio and antenna tuner were working properly. Thanks so much guys!

Ooooh and if you are a nerdy HAM, and you ever get the chance you should check out the "Communications Center" at the San Diego Yatch club, it is swank! They have done a beautiful job on the inside, all the cable runs are hidden, and they even have a test/workbench area set aside.

It was pretty cool too having never met someone who wasn't related to me with the same last name, and as Bob said... I can't not help someone with the last name Vincent!

The reason it was only showing us in Eureka was because the GPS coordinates weren't updating, *hides* I totally should have figured that one out... I almost feel like I should turn in my nerd badge over that. Since the GPS wasn't updating it was just using the last set of coordinates it had available... Dad realized in a flash of brilliance last night, the the reason its working now is that the GPS gets its power from the Marine VHF radio... so for it to work... the Marine VHF has to be turned on... *DOH!*