Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oceanside Rocks!

I had full intentions of hunting down a surf board rental shop and go surfing today...
Ended up that the guy I talked to had two crew members call in sick on race day.

Dave: There aren't really any surf rental shops nearby you could walk to, but hey do you sail?

Me: Yeah a little...

Dave: You know the what the front halyard is, and port and starboard?

Me: For the most part yeah, there are some things I'm still getting down but yes I know those.

Dave: Would you rather come be race crew than go surfing?

Me: Maybe... Yes I would *excited*

Dave: That would be great! I had two crew members call in sick this morning, and it's a little tough handling our 42' boat with less people.

Me: Want me to see if my Dad's available too then?

Dave: Aw man that would be awesome! K, meet me up top I'm late for the skippers meeting!

We've abandoned our laundry to the dryer, and we're gonna go be race crew! *happy dance* This is soooooo cool! *smiles*