Sunday, November 07, 2010

Questionably dubious decisions made

Well stuffy nose, sore throat and all we left Monterey with the intention of a 12 hour or so cruise/motor to Morro Bay. Morro Bay has the dubious distinction of being the foggiest place evar. I guess it's really not surprising that we had to bypass it, as the bar was closed due to fog and icky swell conditions. We picked our way into Port San Luis nearing the evening and had front row seats to their Pelican rock. I was glad that my nose was still stuffed up, the rock looked to be more guano than rock even if it was a cool battleship shape.

Between night watch shift and my cold kicking itself into higher gear I did a whole lot of bird watching (as little as possible of anything else), and Dad who had let me sleep during the day shift did a whole lot of sleeping. He was looking a little pink too, so I'm thinking that he got a few too many rays.

We had a visit from the Harbor Patrol who indicated that we were in a reserved buoy section, but that they did have an anchorage over on the other side free of charge. We were waffling between leaving and moving over to the other anchorage, when darkness set in. It was a case of getting the anchor up, realizing how little we could see... and that it would be easier to get out into the open ocean where there is less to hit by going back out the way we came in, than try to get to somewhere we'd never been blindfolded and put the hook down. We headed out into the evening fog (which was a little spooky) at a time which would allow us to reach the Channel Islands in daylight always a good idea.

In a culmination of night shifts and a massive head cold I felt like a big pile of steaming... spaghetti noodles, with sauce for brains. The fog was as thick as the jungle, enough so that we almost needed a cutlass to make our way through.

Oh yeah and fyi, head congestion mixed with swell is not even remotely cool. You know that feeling you get when you're all stuffed up and you try to bend over... the one that feels like your head is going to explode? Well it's not that bad... but it's the gentle warning feeling where your head is saying 'hey don't do this, it's not going to feel very good'... Every. Time. A swell goes by.