Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bird is the word

Furthering my endeavors into bird nerdery, here are some action pictures! I particularly enjoy watching the Brown Pelicans eating... or I should say dive bombing. They're such slow graceful fliers, and then all of a sudden they tuck into a live dart shape and *PSHKEW*!

Oh yeah! The other cool thing about them, is that they go in and come up facing the opposite way you *think* that they should be facing... it's weird, especially for how big they are! It's like they do a twist-roll snowboard trick combo under water, and then pull out the fish for the encore.

These guys are Surf Scoters... I don't know anything cool about them yet... well other than they have a black circle on their bottom beak, but just you wait until I have access to Google again, I'm sure there's something *s*

Google found this site that says: "Accidental exchanges of young among Surf Scoter broods are frequent on crowded lakes. Because the mother provides no parental care other than guarding the chicks, evolutionary selection to prevent such mixups may not be very strong. "