Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hooo boy, I biffed 'er t'day... there was this pod of porpoises coming TOWARDS the boat for once, I was so super excited! But whist attempting to relocate for a better shooting angle, well lets just say the waves were conspiring against me, and the deck wasn't where I left it... I was hanging on with the hand that wasn't entrusted with holding-and-protecting-the-camera-like-a-firstborn but the rotational angle was all wrong... so I let it go and tried to levitate to where I wanted to be.

I ended up executing a stumbling sprawled multi-point landing with my skinny knees and elbows poking out everywhere, the new hotness remained held in the air above all else. It cost me a little skin off my left knee and ankle... but it's okay, they weren't dripping just leaking a little, so not too bad all considered.

I think the worst of it was though, that Dad had a cardiac cause I wasn't hanging on... and the damn porpoises disappeared *immediately* after I fell. I figured the sting on my leg was bad enough, so I didn't try explaining that by *my* personal grasp of physics I would've been worse off if I'd hung on.

He does worry about me though, he's certainly had lots of practice.