Sunday, November 07, 2010

I'd like to think that was a compliment

Once again we were in contact with the US Coast Guard 41373, who was wondering which side of us they were coming up on? and if we could see their little blue blinking light. We squinted and I muttered... "One of the reasons that hyperlinks started out with the default colour of blue on the internet is because you have less blue receptors in your eyeballs, effectively allowing you to see the links, but not distract from what you're reading." ... "Marimba 2 to US Coast Guard 373, No sir, we cannot see your little blinking blue light." ...but we can give you our gps position again... Eventually we turned on and lit up everything we had, and they were able to spot us. It worked quite nicely with all the sail we had up catching the light.

I'm pretty sure we got a crew in training, their boat didn't dance, and it took awhile to get everything sorted out, but they did a great job of rescuing our sorry butts from the shipping lane. Of course everything is compared to the crew from Humbolt Bay who towed us in over the bar when it was closed to small craft, in thick fog and a swell that was so heavy we couldn't see them at times.

After it was all said and done, the Coast Guard collected the requisite pieces of information and remarked how nice it was that we seemed ready for them and remained calm throughout the ordeal. I didn't tell him that I was too exhausted and Dad was too fed up to panic... although we did tell him we'd done it once before, with the Coast Guard on our way in to Eureka.

It was kind of nice to have my lack of emergency response recognized and appreciated enough to be commented on though. *little proud smile*