Saturday, October 16, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good news... we got the part, got it installed in a whirlwind of activity, fueled up and got out of Eureka, and I had a pleasant trip down to San Fransisco. Night watch was absolutely beautiful, if not exhausting. Somehow I managed to skip being sea sick and loved every second of it!

The bad news... Dad didn't feel so good for the whole trip down, I think it was the ham I didn't eat. In any case he was um not so loving every second of it...

We tucked into Drakes Bay at 4am so that we could enter San Fransisco in the daylight. We woke up to a cool view of cliffs that were shortly obscured by fog, and then our friends we met in Eureka sailed over, they are heading South to Mexico, so we followed them in!

The ugly... the alternator isn't working properly so we had a last minute scramble to hook up the deep cycle battery before we got around Bonita point and entered the chaos of San Fransisco Bay.