Wednesday, October 20, 2010

These flip flops were made for walkin'

I gotta get me some boots. Okay so I'm not gonna lie, my feet hurt. But I'm not going to admit it either cause Dad doesn't understand how I can walk in flip flops... *shrugs* I figure people did lots of walking before shoes were invented... and they must've turned out alright. In any case, despite walking ridiculous distances today I'm not letting on that my feet are tired, even if his are. And he was wearing shoes. So there.

We literally walked all over San Fransisco today, stopped by the Maritime museum which is ... closed for renovations, due to open 2012. Hyde pier was kinda cool though, and they still have the old street cars running *s* I'll try and get a decent picture tomorrow.

There is a HUGE park we walked through on our way to Fisherman's Wharf which is basically the place to hang out and wander through. Tonnes of little shops, stands, booths and vendors. We splurged and had chicken teriaky at Subway *drools*, you have no idea how excited I was that they have Subway down here. So very unworldly of me I know, but it's comfort food... I survived University by eating Subway.

This is a cool tree that was out in the middle of a grassy area in the huge park. I swear they mostly have normal looking trees but what's the fun in that? I only take pictures of the weird ones.

It sure was cool though, away from the waterfront you get an old city feel. The houses and condos are super close together, but with lots of designs like the old castles where there is scroll work around the windows and stuff. The streets were wide, and clean and the sidewalks were very comfortable to walk down. Everything just felt really established and... permanent, like it had all been there long enough to be the old man in the rocking chair yelling at the kids to "Get off my lawn!"

This is a church, its a little more intricate than the houses... but pretty cool!