Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little grrrrr

Dad was irritated that we didn't *both* have cell phones to communicate instantaneously, apparently having one working cell phone isn't good enough *rolls eyes* I of course with my usual lack of concern pointed out that we would just have to set a time and place to meet up. Like people used to. Before cell phones.

Unfortunately we had a distinct lack of following the directions. Apparently "Meet me on the beach around 2, and look for the dinghy" actually meant "Wave when you see me looking for you with the binoculars, because I couldn't tell if it was you or not"

I'd just like to say that I was on the beach... sitting in the pathetic excuse for rain, and that I did not have binoculars. I also looked for, and found the dinghy but at the specified meeting time it was still attached to the boat...

I was not particularly impressed, but after putting on dry pants and having a nap Dad took me out for a fabulous Thai dinner and then a beer while we listed to a live jazz band, with a wicked awesome drummer. Which more than made up for the hour+ of contemplating my navel.