Saturday, October 16, 2010


Despite all the warnings, and potential for mass amounts of chaos with shipping lanes, traffic, shoals, currents, tides and fog... our sail in under the Golden Gate bridge was completely without drama. Okay mostly, we both yelled at the AIS when it beeped for the umpteenth time that 'Harbour Princess' was on a collision course because it was anchored inside the bay.

It was absolutely incredible! I mean, I was already feeling like a pretty insignificant part of the Universe after being out under the stars above from horizon to horizon, and the phosphorescents shooting out the back of the boat like balls of wizards fire... but sailing under the Golden Gate bridge is something in a class all its own.

There was a little fog, hardly any traffic, and porpoises zipping all over the place! I was caught between trying to get pictures of all the awesomeness, not get my camera wet in the spray, and not give Dad an aneurysm... (it stresses him out a little when he's trying to do something and I'm taking pictures)

It was sooooo cool! I don't know it probably took us a couple hours to get in, but it was pretty neat sailing in *grins* I froze my butt off in my shorts, but I was way too busy to change!