Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pardon my while I wipe the drool off my chin

We went to the NOAA office just up the road, it stands for something like National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, yep for real I just Googled it.

Initially I had a little trouble following the conversation, let alone participating... I was too busy ogling the office equipment. And then my inner nerd almost sold all my worldly possessions to sign up and be a weather forecaster when I grow up. They all had like 4 LCD screens, and were running 2 or 3 computers... while running multiple forecasting models and overlapping the results *drools* and the guy there was a surfer... I mean really, I could do that!

It was pretty cool though, he walked us through the forecast models, said something to the effect of "Why aren't you guys out there right now!?!?" lol and then said if we weren't leaving the next day, we should probably hole up until it calms down around next Tuesday.

It was pretty funny too, he started a sentence with "Do you know Pat and Sean?" I was thinking Omg is this seriously one of those 'Hey do you know Sally from Canada?' ... but as it turned out they also sailed out of Victoria and one of them had been plucked off their boat by helicopter, I guess they got hammered in a storm, ran out of gas and shredded their sails.

As you can see... we will be here until sometime next Tuesday. I think we've been here long enough that I can say I lived in Northern California for part of my life ;o)