Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hmmm so despite our map position not updating, in a fashion that suits me... (practically instantaneously would be just fine) you may have, okay... probably guessed by now that we're not going to make it to Hawaii. You would be correct, 10pts for you if you had this thought more than a week ago.

We have officially? I *think* I can say that now, decided to tuck our tails between our legs and port hop down the coast of the US of A to Mexico!

As you can tell I'm devastated by the change in plans. We pulled in to Monterey Bay California while the dawn was breaking, and I do believe we've found the sunny that this state is known for! *happy dance* It feels like summer and the leaves are changing... which is a little weird, *shrugs* but its summer warm where I come from ;)

Um *closes one eye* I know I had other stuff to tell you, but I think being on watch for two seven hour shifts with a four hour nap in between... and then going for an hour long run just caught up with me. *blinks*