Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Look before you park

Last night we decided to anchor, and I got to put the hook down *smiles*

The depth sounder read "half a foot" of water... maybe we should calibrate that sometime... The anchor though, did a *sploosh* and then went slack as it hit bottom. We still let out the rest of the chain, and quite a bit of rope though.

Dad talked to some guy nearby who was rowing out to his boat, and he informed us that he was on the bottom, and his boat drew 6 feet. Well we draw 5. As the wind picked up a we had ourselves a little giggle.

We were fairly confident that between the angle we had, along with enough anchor rode out that it wouldn't pull free or drift... and that the boat had just hunkered down in the mud bottom more or less on top of the anchor we weren't going anywhere. Heck, there could be a hurricane that sucked all the water out of the bay, and we'd still be sitting suctioned into the mud on our bilge keels with Marimba 2 "I ain't going nowhere!"

We learned this morning, why it isn't such a good idea to let out that much anchor rode. I *think* we semi wrapped it around one of the bilge keels... Dad had just about convinced himself he was going to have to dive for it to unwind it, when I loosened it off and shook it out. He walked it back the length of the deck and between that and some reversing we managed to get it undone!