Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to learn Hawaiian

So one of the beers that we tried at a funky little Banana-something-or-other place in Eureka was Pipeline Porter, it's yummy and made with Hawaiian Kona Coffee. Have I mentioned it's yummy? Well it is, it's got a coffeeish taste, but not in a stale aftertaste bad way... more of a hint of it :)

Anyways, I noticed tonight that under each cap is a Hawaiian word along with it's English translation... so I figure if we buy a few cases of the stuff we'll be well on our way to learning Hawaiian right? Yeah, Dad didn't buy that either.

So far we've got Hoa = Friend, and Paki = Splash. Now you know! See this blog is full of learning experiences, and they aren't *all* warnings of how not to do things ;o)