Wednesday, July 20, 2011

24 hour tech support

Now in more flavors of useless...

Techsupport: Sam, can you please specify the password for your your website OS control panel?
Sam: umm I have it set to autofill
Translation: You shouldn't need my password to answer my question...

Techsupport: So you do not know it, correct?
Sam: I can log in, but I don't know it
Translation: I'm still not telling you my password... now, don't get distracted and think that I need it reset because that's a problem you *can* fix

Techsupport: And what password do you use?
Sam: Is there somewhere in the control panel I can look, for the version of Apache we're running on?
Translation: You really seem to be stuck on this password thing, no matter how many different ways you sneak up on this question I'm still not giving it to you.

Sam: The password is saved in my browser I don't have to type it in, ever.
Techsupport: Ok, Sam, regarding your questions on applications please kindly contact your account manager.

Sam: ok thank you :)
Translation: FOR NOTHING.
Techsupport: Is there anything else you would like me to help you with today?

Anything *else*?!?! You didn't help me with my first problem! You are smart like dump truck.

Thanks for coming out.