Friday, July 15, 2011

From the Captain

Got in some more snorkeling in the lagoon yesterday and today.  Mom finally saw a couple of rays today, from the boat.  I was in the water but since the depth was only 8' and they went under the boat she had a good view.  We left the head of the bag this morning to anchor out in the lagoon, with the intention of doing some shopping in the village, but the place was shut down - yet another public holiday.  Managed some ice cream for Mom though.  I had a good swim.  We're sitting tonight in the lagoon and it's calm, with the full moon and really pretty with the clear water.  The scene kind of gently shimmers with the shadow of the boat on the sand below.  Almost magical.

Take care
At 12/07/2011 10:04 PM (utc) our position was 17°30.21'S 149°49.34'W