Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From the Captain

Sounds like you had a good weekend of biking etc. - and tea biscuits to wrap it up. Keep up the exercise and fun - keep alive - and yes it is good be alive.

Had a good snorkel on the reef with Mom yesterday, and the evening was calm so we stayed out there - but I was a bit suspicious so I took the tarp down. Good thing - it blew hard starting at 10:33 pm! Anyway, sat on the hook and danced but the anchor didn't move. I still worried and checked frequently - using the MOB function on the chart plotter! It was still blowing in the morning so when Mom got functional we motored in and set the hook in the calm of the bay. Mom got some more sleep -and among other things I got a bath. Did a run into town using the dingy and the electric outboard - it worked well which was a treat.

It's been good that Mom came - we've done some reconnecting etc. I'll see her via the ferry to Papettee on Wednesday, I'll have to overnight there and get back to the boat Thursday, and hopefully Thursday afternoon I'll be on my way to the next island - about 60 miles (12 hours) away - leaving in the evening means I'll arrive in daylight when it's easy to see and navigate the pass.

I want to check that spot out, then move onto Bora Bora and then to the Cook Islands which requires a couple of days passage. After that "I'll see" - I suspect I'll end up in NZ early and work on the boat and enjoy life in a marina. The alternative is to substitute Fiji for NZ. Current plan is to head back to BC starting next spring in three legs - NZ to around here, here to Hawaii, and Hawaii to home. Each leg requires about 3 weeks of sailing and then time to visit between legs. I could be convinced to spend some time between leg 1 and 2 messing around in the islands if someone(s) wanted. Let me know.

I'm tentatively planning on being in BC for some skiing etc. and Christmas. Not sure what the dates will be, probably a couple of months. I should leave NZ in March, so a lot depends on how much boat work get's done before I leave.

Anyway, I feel like things are moving again. Mom has been here and it's been good but I've been sitting much too long. I'm feeling better about the world in general.

Take care - be happy and have fun.

At 12/07/2011 10:04 PM (utc) our position was 17°30.21'S 149°49.34'W