Monday, July 11, 2011

Creative juices got flow

May I present... the doughnut bun, and bruschetta FTW!

Well they were certainly flowing last night. Now I'm sure this is a common problem in households across North America, and perhaps elsewhere... But what do you do with leftover doughnuts? Look no further, you can now use them as hamburger buns!

This could be the next big marketing campaign... Doughnuts, not just for cops or dessert anymore ;)
But seriously, cut 'em in half... Toast them cut side on a pan until crispy... Oh and make sure anything squishy isn't close to the hole, or it will try to use your nostrils as an escape route.

The things I do to support imagination, although it wasn't bad... You could probably skip the ketchup, the sugar on the doughnut makes you realize just how much sugar is in ketchup...

And that's just weird.