Monday, July 11, 2011

From the Captain's Consort

Well, today was a lost day.  Yesterday we rowed out to the reef early (9 a.m.) and spent a couple of hours snorkeling around and looking at all the magical reef fish.  I had a ball until I swallowed a bunch of seawater and filled my mask with seawater trying to clear it.  (I've obviously forgotten all my SCUBA lessons completely!)  I climbed easily back into the dinghy by placing a milk carton on a rock and then climbing in.  Wish we'd thought of this a week ago!

Sat in the sun a while and let dad swim around then rowed back to the boat towing him and him towing me.  Dad has rigged a handy billy to lift me from the water which we haven't tried but I think will work.

Had a nice lunch at Chez Didier a little snack bar next to the grocery.  Went to another snack bar and I had a passion fruit ice cream and Dad had coffee, a standard treat for the two of us.  I'm trying to work my way through all the flavours except coffee at the snack bar. 

After, dad went to get his wood and I went window shopping.  Lots of neat stuff but most of it is made in Indonesia or other south pacific countries and in no way makes me think of the islands.

The wind howled all night so I snuggled up to dad and slept til about midnight when I woke him thinking the boat had moved.  It hadn't but the wind howling was so loud, dad took down the tarp covering the cabin so it wouldn't beat itself to death.  Not a lot of sleep for either of us so we motored into the bay again this morning. 

After breakfast we fiddled around and finally rowed to shore by noon only to find all the stores closed (everybody shuts down noon til 2 pm).  Found a dead baby swordfish in the dinghy, I guess he was blown in last night. 

Spent the afternoon talking about various ideas for retirement travel and dad's wish list for a bigger boat.  I cooked chicken cordon bleu without the ham for my supper and just chicken for dad with potatoes and string beans.  Nice if bland.  Everything on the island is so fresh provided you buy local like the string beans and pineapple.  Such a treat compared to home.  After supper we got a little rain squall and got some drinking water; dad has rigged a hose piece to the tarp which funnels the water into water jugs.  Pretty neat.

Love and hugs, Mom
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