Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summertime awesome blues!

Can't keep up to the girl *mockingly* "who's the slowest uphill rider evar..." *ahem* I would like to formally call bullshit... I was definitely b'hiking while they were still climbing a hill steep enough to luge down.

Slowest uphill rider evar: "Hey Sam, how you doing back there?"

Me: "Me? I'm still alive ;)" I think I must have left my lungs in my other back pack though... and I'm pretty sure my bike has rocks hidden in it's pockets... Because seriously, if it doesn't we really need to get out more... that beer is going straight to its shocks, you might as well apply it directly with a syringe.

But for serious, this made it all worthwhile, may I present... the summertime backyard!

Somehow with a late start we avoided the multiple torrential downpours and got a wicked ride in. The dust was under control, the trail was well packed and there was a gentle glacier fresh breeze... It was perfect.

I found myself driving home with the hugest grin born of contentment, you know the one that covers your whole face and lights up your eyes from the inside *smiles*

It could just be the hot tub talking, but right now I feel fantastic!!!!