Wednesday, July 06, 2011

From the Captain's Consort

Sorry to hear you lost but I gather you had fun and that's the main thing.  Sat through a gusty wind storm in the bay yesterday and didn't sleep too well last night as the rigging was really howling but it's calmed right down today which is good.

Motored back out to the lagoon and dad got a couple of swims in.  I felt poorly so didn't swim but we did spend the afternoon in Marehpa and got fruit and vegetables from a lady who has a fresh produce stand right across the lagoon from where we anchored.  We shopped this morning at the grocery at the head of Cook's bay and while we got bread for dad (there's been none the last couple of days) we missed getting chocolate (no Cadbury's in that store and I refuse to buy Nestle, I'm still boycotting them over selling formula to third world countries) and their fruit and veg were not great.

After Dad went for a walk part way around the bay while I rowed the dinghy for the first time out to the boat to put the meat in the fridge.  What a scream!  I had no trouble getting in and out of the boat as dad predicted I would but I had enormous trouble keeping the oars properly positioned and they kept sliding in my hands and turning 90 degrees so that they would be slicing the water rather than pushing it out of the way.  They never did this in unison either so I staggered across the bay to the boat like a drunk coming home after the bar has closed.  It must have looked hysterical to anyone watching.  To top it off, I crashed into the boat as I finally got the hang of rowing and didn't realize how quickly I was traveling.  Talk about rattling your teeth out of your head!

Dad has the munchies again.  He's addicted to Nutella and peanut butter and has mowed through 2 big jars in the last few weeks.  It's a good thing they have lots available for sale everywhere.  His other addiction is SunQuik drink concentrate.  Each jug makes up 100 glasses and we're on number 3.  I drink water so in two weeks I'm impressed by how much of the stuff he's drunk.  At least he's not getting dehydrated.  One thing, though that is worrying me is that his right foot and ankle swelled up yesterday and today I noticed the veins in his right calf are distended.  When we tried to look up swelling in the medical first aid book on board we found that page is missing from the manual.  Who'd have thought, eh?  If you get a chance to research this a bit, please do.

Love and hugs,
At 22/06/2011 4:08 AM (utc) our position was 17°34.86'S 149°37.09'W