Monday, July 11, 2011

From the Captain's Consort

Dearest kids

What a day!  Dad decided to get fuel and water at 11 a.m. and rowed to the fuel dock across the bay and brought back 80+ litres of fuel and 40+ of water at noon. (mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun - Gilbert & Sullivan)  Then we had to pour all of it into the tanks standing on deck in the sun and heat.  Yerk! 

After we had lunch and motored out of the bay back into the lagoon.  Still quite windy but not as bad as yesterday.  Swam from the boat out to the rocks near the reef and saw tons more fish, tube worms, conch, clams, etc.  The funniest part was that after I dove off the boat into the water, I realized the reason my mask kept filling with sea water was that it was sliding down my head.  Took it off and dad adjusted it but then I had to put it on in the ocean.  Dad offered to hold me up while I put it on.  The only problem was that I'm so buoyant my legs kept floating up under the boat while I'm trying to hold my head out of the water to get the mask on.  Dad's trying to hang onto me and keep me somewhat upright (at least my head up, anyways) and I'm having a laughing fit so hard I can't get the mask on.

We finally got going but I ended up getting dad to tow the dinghy along since I was still having trouble clearing my mask and snorkel without getting my head up above the waves.  Spent about 1/2 hour observing the sea life then swam back to the boat. 

Now the real fun began. 

Dad had rigged a handy billy to haul me aboard or at least give me a hand up onto the bottom step.  First he had me put my legs through and put it behind my thighs (you can see what's coming Sam, can't you?).  He hauled on the rope and lifted my legs up out of the water.  Unfortunately the rest of me was hanging upside down getting bumped against the stern of the boat with no chance of a handhold.  We repositioned and tried again, again and again. 

Finally I got myself with one foot on the bottom step and tried to climb out of the water.  Again my wet hands slid right down the ss railings and I couldn't establish any friction to continue the climb.  Again I was shrieking with laughter and I'm sure the boat next to us thought there was a drunken lunatic aboard.  Oh well.  A few refinements to be made for sure. 

Why your dad seems to think we shouldn't test these systems ahead of time when I'm not pooped out from a long swim is beyond me but there you go. 

Motored back to Cook's Bay as the wind in the lagoon was gusting again by late afternoon and anchored right off the Catholic Church.  Hopefully hear some lovely hymn singing tomorrow morning.  As your dad was pooped right out I got to make dinner again tonight (3 nights running, I don't like where this is going)  When I suggested your dad make dinner, he offered to take us out.  (sound familiar?) 

Right now he's snoring out in the cockpit.  I can hear him over the fan in the inverter by my ear so you know he's loud.  Dinner was interesting.  I made sweet and sour cabbage (hey Sam, where did you hide the caraway seeds?), ham (cheese on mine), fried leftover potatoes and carrots from last night's dinner and fried fei (local name) which we think was a plantain but tasted kind of like yam, very sweet with lime juice (very nice mix of flavours).  The ham you get out here tastes like real smoked ham and is dry with lots of flavour not watery pressed stuff like we get at home. 

Anyways tired and still need to clean up.  Dad stuffed the leftover ham in a tupperware with no lid (sound familiar?) and the dishes still need doing.  My neck is stiff and I'd like to watch a couple more episodes of Eureka before bed.

Love and hugs,
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