Thursday, July 28, 2011

The cat, the rat and the owl

Halt, search no further... I have discovered something that is more maddening than a mosquito buzzing in your ear... Are you ready for this? A mosquito, inside your full face helmet ear pocket... buzzing in your ear. Buzzing hysterically actually... Honestly, if I could have I would have given blood and suffered the itchy bite for a whole week to make it stop!!!! 99.9% of my starship crew were concentrating strictly on coordinating the delicate balance involved in biking up a steep hill, not spinning out and keeping my front tire down.

I couldn't get my glove inside my helmet to rid me the nuisance either, so I settled for looking like I'd developed a nervous psychotic twitch. Which after 30 seconds of up close and personal, I pretty much had.

So ignoring and forgetting the uphill bits, where I most certainly was buh-hiking again... the ride down was great, we chased the golden streaks of sunlight through the trees. The ligh crisp evening air, along with the gentle breeze filtering down from the wind rustling through the tops was a welcome relief from the sauna of civilization.

My favorite part on this ride, was finishing up with an ethereal glimpse of town, looking like some magically hidden Lord of the Rings village... braving the mosquitoes long enough to take a picture and thinking 'Wow, I actually live here!'

I've repressed the last monsterous hill you have to climb to get back to the damn truck.

Sent... While in transit ;)