Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Go play outside!

"Do the things that matter, cause there isn't time and space to do it all"
~Johnathon Coulton

When I started fishing this summer I was going to do a post per trip, I really was. But I've been so busy out fishin' that I haven't had time to write about it... besides it'll spare you some of the gory details, not that there have been any fish guts... yet ;)

In the face of an impending storm we went out, and were rewarded with front row seats to the lightning show while the storm inched around us! It made up for the biggest/only fish I caught being maybe 2.25"... Oh yeah and I'd like to introduce you to my crazy buddy Ed!

The evenings I've been out fishing after work have felt like two different days, its incredible how driving 5 minutes out of town and just getting out on the water is like stepping into a parallel universe where my laundry is already done...

Another night, we had just finished loading up the truck rain gear and all when on the way down it started to sprinkle a little... so we stopped by Timmy's, grabbed a coffee and visited parked at the edge of the lake until it let up a bit.  That's when I decided, one of the best things about fishing, is that you can be out fishing... without actually being out fishing.

Its funny the things we've gotten to talking about while fishing, they've run the full gamut from lighthearted to incredibly deep to why fishing is awesome.  How just the thrill of thinking that you *might* have a nibble, even if it's weeds can make you feel like you've been plugged in to 220.  Or the feeling of living on the edge when you go out with the electric motor and forget the paddle and it starts making strange chewing noises until you realize that it is literally eating it's way through clumps of lake coleslaw.

Lately you wouldn't know the days are longer... because we've been out fishin' until dark a couple times now...

Me: "Ooop hang on a sec, uhh I can't see my lure!"
Ed: "Hey do you know where we left the truck?"
Me: "Push your boop-boop button and flash the lights... that should make it easy to find!"
Ed: "I sure hope we got everything..."
Me: "I didn't see anything left behind"
Ed: "You could see?!!?"

I believe more and more that we really are supposed to "Go play outside" it's good for more than just our health.