Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Leathers and feathers

Last night we found a baby birdie, in the middle of the bike trail... looking a little stunned, and a whole lot grumpy... Not seeing a nest to tuck him back into, or anywhere up out of the way to put him we brought him home.

My friend looked after him last night, with hopes of taking him into the SPCA today... except they don't open until noon (or take wild birds for that matter) and she had a job to get to. A phone call later and I had found him a place to stay, offering to transport him during my break.

I grabbed my spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch... glanced over my shoulder to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything... and then it hit me. My bike helmet sitting there on the desk, looking all full-faced and sexy. I rode. to work. this. morning... *sigh* Luckily a wonderful co-worker lent me her car for the ten minutes that would've been 40 on my bike.

*shakes head* I'm such a meatball sometimes, I can't believe I forgot that I'd ridden to work this morning... I mean who does that?!? (other than pregnant women of course ;)