Monday, July 11, 2011

One helluv a woman

Last Friday was the memorial celebration of life for Grandma Fay, and while she was not my Grandma in the sense of bloodlines... She taught me, that don't matter a lick.  At a birthday party of hers not too long ago, she was curious why her Chosen Son wasn't there. Someone made the mistake of saying "Grandma we thought you'd just want family for your birthday"... Heh. She tore a strip off of them, with an indignant "Don't you *dare* tell me who my family is!"

She always told it like it was.

She was and incredible lady, I was once lucky enough to hear a little bit about what life was like when she lived on a trap line. It was hard. Hard in a sense we can't even comprehend anymore... They hauled their own water, got up and fished in the wee hours, and had it canned and hidden under the floor board before the games warden got up and did his rounds.  Once she shot a cougar from the front porch with the 30-6 when she was maybe 100lbs soaking wet. As she said... "It was me or him" Despite all that though, not only did they survive... they lived!

One of my favorite personal moments, was when I won a 40 pounder of Crown during Grey Cup at the Legion. Now I don't really drink that much... Heh. Okay you got me, I really don't drink that much *Crown*, but my other Mom pointed out that Grandma Fay would appreciate it. So I went over for a visit one day, she greeted me as always with a big hug and a kiss... I presented it to her, and she said with a huge grin "Well what a nice surprise! That deserves another hug and a kiss!" *smiles* She also told me my timing was about perfect as "they'd just run out this morning and hadn't had time to go get more."

Some of the stories that came up during the memorial were great, and give you the tiniest glimpse into who she was... She was so much more though, to so many people, evidenced by the number and diversity of those who came to pay their respects and raise a "little glass of hell"...

The MC Dan told us that recently when his father passed away, they did a family gathering which Grandma Fay attended despite her family *and* the doctor's wishes.  He said to her "I know you pissed off a lot of people to be here tonight, but you know you didn't have to come for us to know you love us right?" Well she looked him dead in the eye, and with iron in her voice said "I don't give a damn!" then sweet as peaches said "Now would you be a dear, and put some of that whiskey in my cup there?"

We all call on family in times of need, and closer to the end, well this was no exception. (Helen is one of Fay's sisters.)

Grandma Fay: Helen! Helen, come quickly! It's time to go!
Aunt Roxie: Go where Mom?
Grandma Fay: Heaven, we're going to heaven.
Aunt Roxie: But Mom you can't take Helen with you...
Grandma Fay: The hell I can't!
Aunt Roxie: Heaven isn't *ready* for the both of you yet!

At this point Grandma Fay grabbed Aunt Roxie's arm, and said: Roxie! If you don't let her go RIGHT NOW, I'll tan your ass!
To which she replied: Mom if I thought you had it in you right now, I'd gladly take the whoopin'!