Monday, July 04, 2011

From the Captain's Consort

Happy Canada Day!  It's funny how the feeling of discovering somewhere new hasn't happened to me here, only on the island.  There are too many stone ruins here indicating the large pre European contact population.  Kind of ironic as we wiped them out with VD which we caught from the Native Americans and spread to the South Seas.

Drove around the island yesterday, up to the lookout near the top of one of the peaks and stopped for ice cream at the Agricultural College.  They had sherbet made dairy free so you dad tried the ginger and guava.  I liked the guava.  I had banana ice cream and soursop sherbet which is made from the fruit of the soursop which is tart but a nice taste.  Everything grown here seems to be tart and acidic.  Guess it's the volcanic soil.

Drove around the island trying to find the beach and failed miserably on the north west side.  Found the only easily accessible public beach near the airport.  Beautiful white sand and rocks covered with coral and surrounded by all kinds of gorgeous tropical fish.  My mask worked pretty well and I could see fabulously through the old lenses from 1979.  Guess for all the changes, my eyes haven't changed a whole lot.

Had lunch at a bar on the North west side of the island.  There was a tom cat sleeping on the bar when we walked in who proceeded to move from keyboard, to bar stool to bar counter top and then finally left.  Chickens slipped into the eating area looking for scraps.  Everything is open to the outside.  It's warm enough you can do that.  I had my first hamburger which was quite nice.  They spiced it with a herb of some sort, good flavour.  Prices really high and I'm trying to be thrifty but also know that I couldn't eat a whole regular meal.   Your dad had chicken with pineapple in tamarind sauce with rice and broccoli.  Very nice sauce, I dipped my hamburger into it.

Wanted to see some gardens and waterfalls but dad wasn't interested so we didn't.  The high point was the swim on the sandy beach.  Low point was the wretched mosquitoes that swarmed us after the swim; the first we've encountered.  Got out to the boat with a fierce headache and just watched the sunset with dad in the cockpit while he massaged my neck.  Had a nap but when I got up at 9:30 your dad was in bed asleep so I did without supper.  Slept in spurts and finally gave up and got up 6:15.  Couldn't get your dad moving so missed having another swim as we had to take the car back by 9:30.

Got in a set of Tai Chi on the shore which felt great.  Watched the fish feeding at the deck of the cafe of the Bali Hai hotel where we rented the car.  Great fun to watch.  Back to boat with groceries to answer emails as we seem to have internet.

Take care, love you lots,
Love and hugs,
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