Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From the Captain's Consort

Thanks so much for looking after this for me. Dad figured we should have tried to hack off the TN but we didn't as he's so panicky about being online and the cost of it and how slow it is in loading pages, etc. The travel agents didn't respond so I'm so glad to have a computer literate person (namely my favourite daughter!) to look after stuff like this for me. I've never managed to confirm too many flights and there's never been a problem but being in French Polynesia I figured it's best to confirm that I'm coming.

Today has been a really slow do nothing day. Woke up in the night to rain pouring in the skylight so closed it. Made dad sleep against the window this time and I slept well but he was crushed all night and too hot as I got cold and snuck up against him til he was flattened against the wall.

After breakfast he went and had a nap and I read "The Far Country" by Nevil Shute. I finished the book by lunch time and have now had my last pancake from Sunday's breakfast with peanut butter, banana and syrup, YUM!

It's been gusting and raining all morning and we filled both the buckets from the tarp. The sun's come out and dad wants stinky me to have a bath so I guess that's next on the agenda. I just wanted to check the email for word from the travel agents (Not!). So it's off for a bath and with the sun coming out we may motor out to the reef for one last swim with the little fishes before I take off.

Take care and don't worry about not responding to emails. I mainly sent them as reminders to myself about my trip as I haven't been able to keep up with my journal and I don't want to lose the details of the holiday. That and I wanted you guys to hear about things in case you decide you want to come here sometime yourselves.

Take care. I'll try to call you Friday evening after work if I'm awake at all. Love you lots.

Love and hugs,
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