Saturday, July 16, 2011

From the Captain's Consort

Well, today was a total rest day.  Even though I was tired and slept much of yesterday, today was rainy and extremely windy and we turned it into bath day and sleep more day.  We filled the two black buckets twice over with rain water it was bucketing down so hard for short periods of time.

The wind was in spurts with big gusts heeling the boat over at times but okay as it's daylight.  The bay is full of boats with 16 at last count and earlier today we had some excitement when one of them dragged which caused the boat he was heading for to sound it's horn.  The guy put power on, hauled anchor and moved right away from where he'd anchored.  We're on the opposite side of the bay so no worries about crashing into anyone.

 I wanted to go for a row and a walk late this afternoon but dad convinced me more rain was coming and didn't want to get wet so we just sat in the cockpit and talked and watched the rain fall and refill the buckets.  We got the end piece of tarp up over the stern so we created a tent over the cockpit and we were able to bathe outside.  Lots more room than the foot of the stairs and a lot easier to manage.

So, dad brought up the topic of Christmas.  Yes, I know it's only July but for the first time in a long time, he'd like to spend Christmas with his family and is looking forward to it so he wants to know what everyone's plans are.  So, as soon as you have some foggy clue as to whether or not you're available, let me know and I'll coordinate.  Dad suggested we join him in New Zealand for Christmas but I pointed out that spending $12,000+ to get the four of us down there made little sense.  He agreed so he's back to floating the idea of renting somewhere like a condo at Sunshine so you guys can go skiing and Ben and I can get caught up on our reading or something.

Take care of yourselves,

Love and hugs,
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