Friday, July 15, 2011

From the Captain's Consort

Dearest kids

Well, dad's rigid stairs underwater work great!  Yesterday we went for a swim in the lagoon and I got out of the water just fine.  Learned something this morning.  Never go swimming before breakfast!  We spent the night in the lagoon under a full moon with the white sand under the boat shimmering in the moonlight.  Fantastic!

Yesterday was mostly a washout as after our swim we rowed to shore to find the whole town shut down for Bastille Day.  Talked to shopkeepers today about it and their response was "It's some holiday in France."  Anyways, no chance to get groceries or anything else except fruit.  Their were a number of fruit stands open and the one by the pharmacy had soursop.  It's a huge melon type of fruit with bristly warts on the outside.  Inside is a white pulp with big black seeds (similar to watermelon seeds but bigger and fatter) which the lady insisted I taste from her spoon.  It has a nice sour flavour but they were too big for just your dad and I to eat them so I didn't get one.  Instead I got a pineapple and some bananas.  My flavour of ice cream for the day was kiwi.  I didn't enjoy it as it was quite sour which was a surprise.  I've never found kiwis to be a sour fruit.  
Back to this morning.

When we got up the wind was gusting and there were black clouds in the sky and dad thought we might have to head back into the bay so to get my swim in we dove in right after we got up.  Swam part way out to the reef.  Lots of neat fish but a bit rough going as the wind had whipped up white caps in the lagoon and there were lots of jet skiers tearing around as the cruise ship was in the bay.  Not as relaxing as some of my other swims.  Got out of the water easily.  Only swam 1/2 hour though as when I hit the water jumping in I got a charlie horse in my right calf muscle which meant that I wasn't able to kick too well.  The water was colder than usual and so I couldn't stay in as long.

We got chicken breasts at the grocery so I'll make one more chicken salad in papaya before I go.  I love that meal.  Too bad I can't have it at home.  It's lovely on a hot day.  Went to a small store in the mall and got myself a locally printed pareo (pareau) which is a length of cloth the ladies wrap around themselves like a dress.  I haven't figured out how to fasten it so it stays up and will probably use a pin with it when I get back home and only wear it over my bathing suit so if it falls down I won't embarrass myself.

Made stir fry chicken and rice tonight with fresh carrot and a pineapple sauce that was cooked crushed fresh pineapple.  Very yummy!  Wanted to make a sauce but couldn't find any corn starch on the boat to thicken it so just cooked the pineapple.  Dad cranky because dinner was fancy and late and I shouldn't have started the meal that late but I didn't know I was in charge of supper.  Oh well.  Communication still needs a lot of work.

 I had a headache after I woke up and it's only now gone at 8:30, I think because I'm wearing my neck snake.  What's a neck snake you ask.  Well, it's a small cloth snake filled with silicone gel which you soak in water and it swells up and then you tie it around your neck and the evaporation of the water from it cools you right down.  It's fabulous.  A real lifesaver in this heat.  Keeps my brain from overheating.

Anyways, dad's back from sulking on deck so I'd better go.  Take care of yourselves.

Love you lots,
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