Friday, July 22, 2011

From the Captain...

Mom and I took the ferry to Tahiti and I saw her to the airport and away. I wish it had been that simple.

First waiting for the bus here was a trial for me - I wasn't born with patience and the bus was late and I twitched. Then it was a torrential downpour in Papettee when the ferry came in and we had to walk to the tourist bureau to try and get me a room for the night. Managed that with some coaxing and then off to the city bus to get there.

The directions weren't good, but we found the place and it was a dive but convenient. Reality set in - I was short of cash - I had "thought" I was fine but after two ferry fares and trinkets your mom bought, the lady who ran the drive was not impressed when I was $20 short. I hiked down to the airport and found a cash machine, hiked back, and got the room with no door lock, and a horrid bed (foamy on a broken spring base) but it did have a shower with hot water! I had fortunately packed a towel and soap and mom had a shower, and so did I.

The next fiasco was the nice dinner we'd planned on. The restaurant at the airport was closed, but we found a chinese place and Mom was fed. Back at the airport we sat around and listened to Tahitian school kids make music. It seemed to be a send off for a group and an organized group of 50 or 60 showed up to sing them off. Really quite neat. Anyway, mom was tired but clean and fed so I think she should have been OK for the flight.

I got back to the boat this morning. Clearly boats dragged last night and I was glad I put out some extra chain. I think Marimba dragged about 20 m or so. Anyway, after not a good sleep last night I had a fairly low productive day - I did do quite a bit of(hand) laundry - but it won't dry until tomorrow.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself after seem mom off. I think we re-connected in a lot of ways. Anyway, one way or another I should be away from Moorea tomorrow with clean sheets and hopefully a cleaned up boat. And I finally had (count them) no less than TWO hot showers finally.

Take care

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