Monday, July 11, 2011

From the Captain's Consort

Dearest kids

I made supper the last couple of nights so Dad is doing dishes.

It's funny, we're sitting at the end of Cook's bay on Moorea and listening to the disco music blasting out of the Bali Hai Club (it being Friday night) competing with the boom box from the beach at the end of the bay where the locals are having a beach party and except for the temperature (very warm) it feels we could be sitting in the Gulf Islands back home.

We spent the last couple of days in the bay as it's been dark, windy and wet.  This morning we snuck out to the lagoon and while it was sunny and hot it was also very windy.  We rowed ashore for fresh fruit and groceries and the usual ice cream (I tried and didn't like nougat) and coffee.  I learned that if I bring my own cup for ice cream, they knock about 13 cents off the price.  I was getting ice cream in a cup until I realized they were charging me an extra .40 for a cup I just threw away!  Live and learn.  I tried getting a cone but the waste bothered me.  I'm glad I've sorted another solution by bringing my own cup. 

After we got back to the boat, dad went for a swim and brought me a beautiful conch shell to look at.  Wish I'd thought to take a photo.  Also, saw a turtle swimming in the lagoon although too far away to get much detail.  It looked like a piece of rubbish until I noticed it had what I thought was a fin sticking up but dad told me was a flipper.  Quite neat.  Bright red and yellow in colour which is what had me fooled. 

After his swim we motored back into the bay which was calm and dad worked on rebuilding the chain cover he made a few days ago.  I read and snoozed as my tummy was upset by too many bananas.  Made an amazing supper if I do say so myself.  Scooped out a fresh papaya, sprinkled with lemon juice then filled it with cubed chicken breast, grated carrot, mayo salad, carrot sticks and fried potatoes.  Scrumptious.  Something I'd never think to try at home but the propane stove is so quick that cooking potatoes to add to a cold salad dinner is no big deal.  Very tasty.

Sam you've created a bad habit for dad.  Now he has to have a drink before dinner every night.  Tonight was beer, most nights it's rum and orange.  He blames you!

We've been watching and enjoying Eureka every night for the last few nights.  With the wind howling through the rigging, it has been a good distraction.  Dad needs some new episodes and new stuff to watch.  He didn't think to ask for anything but if one of you comes down to help him sail home please load some new material for him to watch.  With nights being 12 hours long down here, there's a lot of time when you can't go ashore or work on the outside of the boat and really, who sleeps 12 hours?

Take care,
Love and hugs,
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